Meet The Cast Of Belle’s

Meet the cast of Belle’s and find out what we have planned for you this season! Be sure to tune into this new family fun comedy show on TvOne, February 1st.

Catch up on all the new episodes of Belle’s to find out which one of your favorite actors and celebs besides me are appearing on the the show!

Episode 1: One Big Happy Family

BELLE’S’ Restaurant is rented out by the Crawford family to host their reunion. Bill is tormented when he finds out that the family once owned Belle’s family during slavery.

(Special Guest Star: Cameron Mathison)

Episode 2: Birthday Party

Pam’s birthday party is not going to have any partiers unless Bill agrees to a romantic weekend with a woman he doesn’t like.

(Special Guest Star: Vivica A. Fox)

Episode 3: The Intervention

In an effort to get Aunt Gladys to stop using lard in her recipes, Bill organizes an intervention to break her of the habit.

(Special Guest Star: Dionne Warwick)

Episode 4: Whole Hog

When the Gourmet Society schedules a pig roast at the restaurant, problems ensue when the hog arrives alive. Bill becomes attached to the animal and struggles with putting it to slaughter.

Episode 5: True Love

Jill meets the perfect guy and invites him to dinner for an introduction to Bill and the family. His imperfection is revealed and Jill has to decide whether or not to continue dating him.

(Special Guest Star: Richard T. Jones)

Episode 6: Runaway Bride

A distraught runaway bride shows up at the restaurant and Bill does his best to council her. Loretta gets into hot water while dating a married man.

(Special Guest Stars: Wendy Williams and Gary Dourdan)

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